Dubai is a desert city which lies along the Persian Gulf. Like any middle eastern city, Dubai has is warm and sunny on any normal day, with hot and long summer days from April to September. People in the city try to find various ways to keep out the sun most of the time. When it comes to blocking sunlight from homes and offices, the easiest way is to instill blackout window blinds that suits the surroundings. Room darkening blinds are one of the most preferred ways to keep out due to a number of reasons. Let us check them out –

Getting a good shuteye during daytime

If you are a Shift job employee in Dubai, who works all night and sleeps during the day, then you know how much difficult it is to fall asleep with the sun shining down on you through the windows at your place. The best way to get a good sleep is by darkening your room using blinds, giving a soothing darkness for you to rest.

Dimming the glare

Very often, you might find that your television is directly facing your window, where the sunlight goes directly through the window, causing a glare on the TV. As this is very discomforting to the viewers, we suggest you try blackout blinds during your TV time.

Bringing down the room Temperature

One of the best ways to bring down the room temperature in a natural way in summer is to put up blinds over your windows. The right type of blinds can help keep your home cool without needing to keep your air conditioner running all the time. Studies show that installing blinds between window panes can bring down the room temperature by 3-degree Celsius.

Closing your blinds at peak heat times and during heat waves will also help to maintain a cooler temperature in the summer. For this method to be really effective, you can choose lightweight blinds.

Dim nurseries for the baby

Nurseries are one place in the house that often need a sun protection. Putting up blinds will help you to put your baby to sleep without the sunlight seeping into the room. This will allow your baby to enjoy a good sleep and put your mind at ease

Aesthetic and Practical

The good thing about blackout blinds is how it serves different purposes in contrary to treated windows. Blinds provide aesthetic value to your home, making it look classy or trendy, depending on the blind you have used. They can also be pulled back to allow the sunlight to filter in at times, allowing you to bask in the heat during the winters. Blinds also give privacy inside the home.

As blinds serve the dual purpose of blocking sunlight and allowing it to reach inside your home, this is the perfect solution making your home ready to face the weather all year around. Stop waiting and install your blackout window blinds in Dubai today.