The Trendiest Curtains in 2022

The Trendiest Curtains in 2022

The Trendiest Curtains in 2022

Colours in Fashionable Curtains

Choices make life colourful! Good colours may dress up your windows and turn a drab room into a stimulating environment. However, picking the right one might be hard at times. Begin with your imagination, analyse the existing decor in the room, and pick the best piece that adds taste.

The colours of the curtains control the light in your room; if you want to update your dark space, use heavy fabric and solid colours for the curtains. Your space will be brightened by light-coloured curtains. You can also highlight or play down the windows using the right colours.

The Blinds Dubai collection has a large lineup of curtains in different colours. You can easily choose the right coloured curtain for the room.

Merge with Room

Using curtains that match with furniture became a trend in 2022. This erases the boundaries of the room and gives a finishing look. A monochromatic colour pattern transforms your room into a simple and elegant space. And it also creates a rich and vivid look for your living place.

Choose Opposite

Use conflicting pairs to decorate your windows. You can use this pattern with the different windows of the same room or design it to contrast with the colours of the windows and other decor items in the same space. It's also possible to use two contrasting coloured curtains on the same window.

Neutral Choice

Neutral colours give a fresh and humble look to your space. Light-coloured curtains smoothen the overall decor of the room. The exclusive neutral curtains from Blinds Dubai can be used to highlight other decor pieces or walls of the rooms. Colourless curtains can transform your space into a more peaceful one. Neutral choice also can be for furniture, with a striking hue for your windows.

Minimalism and Simplicity

Minimalism and Simplicity in curtains are still not faded away. Sometimes simple things can make a great impact. It is more suitable to use minimal curtains in your bedrooms than heavily decorated curtains. Because you will get a positive vibe every time you wake up. Roman blinds and voile curtains are of these types of curtains. A vast collection of such curtains can be found in the Blinds Dubai collection. To do minimal decor for your room, choose simple fabric designs for your curtains.

Choose neutral colours that are not contrasting with other decor items in the room. Floor-length curtains often give a simple and elegant look to your rooms.

Go with Nature

Nature-inspired curtains are most trending in 2022. Everyone enjoys the beauty of nature, adding to their daily lives. These curtains provide a dynamic and vibrant look to the room.

Print Nature

You can use the elements of nature in curtains by adding nature-themed designs. Floral motifs are the most popular and come in a variety of patterns. They're beautiful and have a calming and healing effect. There are also other possibilities, such as printing pictures of favourite animals and birds for the kids' room. Customised printing is also available; hence you can choose which design you want and where it should print.

Organic Fabric

As more people become conscious of the need for environmental stewardship, the use of organic materials in curtains has expanded. Linen fabrics, seagrass rugs, cotton, and bamboo are some of the organic materials that can be used in curtains. Curtains made of organic materials appear more natural and not harmful to the inhabitants. These shades are more durable than the usual curtains and pass fresh air.

Mixed Curtain

The concept of combining curtains has become fashionable. Mixing different materials gives a unique appearance to your living space. This model supports privacy as well as an aesthetic element to your home.

Pattern with Solid Colour

Pattern curtain with solid colour curtains is an every time win combination. Use a multicoloured pattern that complements other items in the room and a solid coloured shade that goes with the pattern.


Layer multiple shades on the same window! It's a little strange to hear, but it works well. You can use curtains over the blind. Blinds help control the light and give privacy while the curtain highlights the windows. The Blinds Dubai collection features a variety of multilayer curtain options.

The colours you select play an important part in this scheme. It is preferable to use blinds and drapes in complementary hues.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to give adequate privacy. These curtains are also known as kitchen curtains. Cafe curtains are lightweight, short, and suit any corner of your home. Typically, these curtains are hanging in the middle of the window. As a result, it brightens your day by allowing more light to pass.

You can use these curtains in your bedroom, and they will appear trendy and elegant. Cafe curtains with strong designs or vivid colours give your windows a great impression.