Stylize Your Home With Venetian Blinds

Stylize Your Home With Venetian Blinds


Window blinds are not just an interior accessory to your home, but rather a necessity in Dubai. The city enjoys a sunny weather throughout the year meaning that chances are that your home or office will be completely lit for 10 to 12 hours every day.

There are many kinds of window blinds in the market, but one type that easily suits your needs are Venetian Blinds. They can give a casual or elegant look to your interiors depending upon the color and design of your choice. Venetian Blinds also come in different materials like aluminum, wood, and fabric. Depending upon your interior, you can choose the material which suits your place the best. They have stood the test of time as a functional and stylish choice for your home or office. They can be used to deliver any style – from classic or ancient style, a minimalistic or even a contemporary one. Even if you are looking for blinds purely for the sake of practicality, Venetian blind is a great choice.

Blind that suits your space

As Venetian Blinds are made of hard materials, they would not work in a room needing a softer look and feel. However, they are really good at controlling light and privacy making them a favored choice for bedrooms and office spaces. They are also often used in kitchens as they are very easy to clean and are more flame resistant than a normal fabric blind. Venetian blinds are also a good choice for your bathrooms as they offer a clean simple look.

The material of your Venetian blind affects how they look and where they can be used. Wooden blinds, for instance, are perfect for your living room which is dry and cozy and should never be used in the kitchen or bathroom area where there are too much heat and moisture. On the other hand choosing an aluminum, PVC or faux wood Venetian blind for the latter areas will ensure the long life your blind as well as effectively serve its purpose.

The material you choose also impacts the choice of color. Metallic and PVC Venetian blinds can be designed in different colors and patterns, but the wooden or faux wood ones will come in their natural shades only. Metallic slats will also offer different finishes like metallic, glossy, satin or matte which you can choose according to the type of look you want to add to your room.

Getting the right slat size

The slight size is a visual consideration which you will want to look into before deciding on a Venetian blind. There are 50mm slats which are reasonably wide and can give the best effect for large windows. Wooden slats are the one that comes in the 50-60 mm range while the aluminum is the only material that has 25mm slats. For smaller windows, try aluminum slats s bigger slats will not suit it well.

Remember that these slats also help you control the light and privacy. Normally the Venetian blinds are designed to be left down rather than pulling up and down on a daily basis.

Mix it with curtains

One good way to soften the look of your room while using a Venetian blind is to mix it with curtains. Using curtains will add more color and texture to your rooms offering a versatile look. Pairing your Venetian blinds with light colored curtain also helps you control the light coming inside while securing the room’s privacy.

Get ready to stylize your home in Dubai with Venetian blinds today!