Recycle Ideas For Old Window Blinds

Recycle Ideas For Old Window Blinds

Almost all homes and offices in Dubai have blinds installed in their windows to beat the long summer sun. Window blinds are known to provide enough protection from heat and light and have become an essential part of the home and office decor. Blinds are one of the home interior components that adds functionality to style.

However, when window blinds become too old or stop matching their surrounding, you start thinking of getting rid of them. While taking them out and throwing them away is an option, it is one of the most polluting and non-sustainable solutions to solid-waste management.

If you are thinking of recycling your old window blinds in Dubai, here are a few tips to help you manage getting rid of them in better ways. Old window blinds can be donated, repurposed or recycled depending on its material. So here are some ideas –

Mini Aluminium Blinds

If your aluminium blinds are way too old to be donated, you can take them to any scrap metal yard as they are made of 100% recyclable. However, you need to cut the lift and ladder chords to free each blind slat as they do not accept the full blinds. You can remove all the aluminium parts for them and drop it off at the recycling centre

Wooden Blinds

Treated and painted woods cannot be recycled. So the best way to deal with the old blinds is to upcycle or donate them. If your wooden blinds and not too shabby, you can clean it thoroughly and consider giving away to someone who might find it useful.

Another way to work around them is to upscale it and to make useful craft items like chalkboard garden markers or wooden mirror frames.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood blinds are made of a mixture of PVC and recycled hardwood, which is impossible to be recycled again. Similar to wooden blinds, these can also be donated or upscaled to craft items.

Roman Blinds

In case you are discarding your roman blinds simply because they are no more suitable for your interiors, donate it away after a good dusting. Good roman blinds are always in demand. But in case your blinds are torn or broken, dismantle them for recycling. Any metal hardware can be sent for scrap, while the cloth can be used for sewing or decor projects.

You can also sell your old blind cloth to resale stores, which send off fabric scraps to be turned into industrial rags.

Woven Wooden Blinds

Bamboo sticks are usually turned into woven wooden blinds. Unlike any other window blinds, these shades are almost completely biodegradable. They have wooden headrails and are woven together with natural fibres, so throwing them away in the trash is quite fine.

You can also upscale bamboo blinds into garden crafts as they give off a pretty earthy feel to your garden area.

Things to remember before donating old window blinds-

If your window blinds are still operational, as your neighbours or friends whether they need them. Bachelors, college students or newlyweds who are looking for second-hand home necessities might be interested in full functional blinds put up for sale. However, before you donate, make sure to uninstall them, keeping all the hardware together with the blinds. Take care to clean the blinds with dust cloths and vacuum.

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