How Can Motorised Blinds in Dubai Impact Your Productivity?

How Can Motorised Blinds in Dubai Impact Your Productivity?


There are many advantages of purchasing motorised blinds in your home, but did you know that it also offers a great opportunity to increase productivity in your office?

If you want to invest in motorised blinds for your workplace, then you’re off to a great start when it comes to boosting your team’s productivity and efficiency with their jobs.

First, what makes you productive?

For some, they kick-start their day with a sip of hot coffee. A hearty breakfast and a good night’s sleep are also great factors that contribute to improved mood, which then leads to better productivity in the office. Among all these things, did you know that blinds can also act as ‘coffee’ in your morning as it also enhances your efficiency?

How? It might sound like an unusual concept, but the type of blinds in your office space may have a significant impact on your levels of productivity. You might ask how can blinds work as a key to increasing your efficiency when they are simply decorations and function to block out the light?

Well, when it works just like how your office furniture can impact your team. It’s important to choose the right kind of furniture as the most comfortable chair or a desk can make your employees happy. When the team is happy and is taken care of, they become productive.

While blinds don’t necessarily affect you the way an uncomfortable chair would have, they do contribute to the environment that you work in. Did you know that some factors such as lighting, air flow, and heat management directly relate to installing your blinds?

According to the findings of a survey, it is revealed that daylight makes people feel comfortable with their work environment. Some of these findings were:

The researchers found that well-lit work environments helped in boosting the worker’s personal well-being especially when the lighting comes from a natural source. Knowing the benefits of the sunshine to their skin, a significant 77% of the respondents believed that when you enter an office that has a decent amount of natural light, it could improve work performance.

79% of the respondents stated that they become more productive at work when their office has a good view from the outside. Apparently, it helps them to relax amidst all the stress from their daily tasks.

Modernising your tools and furniture, including your blinds, add a good impression on the business as 77% of the respondents have noted. They claimed that they become more interested in working for a company that uses the latest and energy-efficient technology. With this, they have the idea that if the company invests so much in their blinds, then they’re ready to invest in their people.

Another factor that impacts the productivity levels is the temperature of a workplace. 88% of the respondents believed that there was a connection between room temperature and increased productivity. Having an office that is freezing cold or too hot can make your employees feel uncomfortable, and instead they direct their focus on the extreme temperature.

We provide the best motorised blinds in Dubai to workspaces in terms of controlling how much light you’d want to let in. With all these in mind, don’t forget to reach us out if you finally decide on installing motorised blinds for your office!