Housekeeping Rules: Maintaining Window Blinds

Housekeeping Rules: Maintaining Window Blinds


Window Blinds are now a common sight in most homes. They are trendy as well as useful in blocking the amount of sunlight getting inside the house. Having blinds for your windows have been proven to keep your home cooler by a few degrees, With so many uses, both aesthetic and practical, you must take special care for their maintenance during your routine housekeeping.

Blinds are one of the things in your home where dust gets accumulated very easily. Even if you keep your windows closed all the time, most of the dust that accumulates inside the house comes via small openings, crevices etc. in the window. This also settles down between the blinds, making them dusty and shabby in no time. It goes without saying that having so much dust inside your home could bring about allergies in kids as well as adults and hence, keeping areas inside your home, including the window blinds dust free must be your top priority.

Cleaning Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are just beautiful and are easily one of the most common types of blinds people prefer at home or office. Most wooden blinds are treated with a special dust and stain repellent finish. Even so, cleaning them necessary at times. Use a soft cloth to clean the blind using furniture polish. Spray the solution on the cloth and wipe each slat individually. If you feel that it needs stronger cleaning, use plain water to wipe the blinds. But in this case, always make sure you wipe off the water completely as moisture can damage wooden blinds.

Cleaning Faux- Wood Blinds

One of the most popular varieties of blinds in use is the faux-wood type. For cleaning your dusty faux-wood blinds, you just need to use a vacuum with a dust brush attachment/ Close the blinds completely and vacuum one side by holding the bottom rail. Turn round and repeat the same. Please make a note to use the lowest suction setting to avoid damaging the blinds. You can also use a handheld duster to clean such blinds.

Faux wood blinds which have collected some grease or grime will require bit more care. You can use a vinegar-water mixture to clean this. Use a microfiber cloth so as to not damage the blinds. Swip along each blind flap for best results.

Cleaning Fabric Blinds

Blinds like roman or pleated are more delicate than faux-wood. Use a vacuum in low setting or brush using a hand duster. You can also use a blower, preferably in a cool setting to blow away the dust. Any kind of stain on these type of blinds can be cleaned using a warm soapy water and microfiber cloth. Do not wet the blind, but rather wipe off the dirt carefully and allow the blinds to get dry completely before raising them.

Cleaning Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds can be maintained similar to faux wood blinds. They can be dusted or cleaned with a wet cloth. But if you have a lot of aluminum blinds at your home, you can choose to soak them in a bathtub with a bit of dish soap. This way you can easily clean each side of the slat using a brush or cloth after soaking it for a few minutes. Take care to rinse off soap residues to avoid spotting on the aluminum.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Cleaning a vertical blind can be done in any methods listed above depending upon the type of material your blind is made of. You can further use a lint roller to easily roll over long vertical blinds to pick up dust and cobwebs.

Maintaining your window blinds needs to be done regularly so that you will be not be burdened with heavy cleaning every time. Regular cleaning will also keep your home dust free and your family healthy.