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Designer Distinguish – Roller Blinds Vs Roman Blinds

Whether you are in the process of redecorating your home or currently refurbishing your residence, you might get overwhelmed when it comes to home decorative like artwork, show pieces, and furniture. Research shows that many people find it difficult picking the right window treatment. It is indeed difficult if you are redecorating your home for the very first time. However, do not underestimate yourself and prepare to transform your home into a place that not only reflects your personality but a place that everyone would love to come over and over again.

Generally, when you are in the process of redesigning, window treatments often come at the bottom of your shopping list. This is probably because not many people are sure how to go about this process. In fact, many people get more confused when they get to know about the different types of blinds. If you are one of them, not to worry! This article will describe the difference between the roller and roman blinds and give you tips on which type of blinds fits where.

Roman blinds – give a dramatic effect to your home

Roman blinds are one of the most elegant types of blinds that could be compared with drapes. However, in the case of drapes, dust, dirt, and debris will be easily stuck in between the beautiful layers. This is not the case for roman blinds. Unlike the types of blinds, when you open them, they will have a smooth and seamless movement. This is one of the stand-out characteristics of roman blinds.

In fact, this could be the most feasible option for small windows or if you don’t have floor-ceiling windows. For people who wish to project a dramatic effect, roman blinds could be the ideal option. Overall, they will certainly provide a simple yet serene look to your windows that could be complemented with fun, colourful, and elegant patterns.

Roller blinds – low maintenance option

Roller blinds can make the room feel warm. It’s almost like you’re having another layer of texture that is similar to a wallpaper. The best part about them is that you don’t have to customise their size to fit your window.  This is extremely beneficial for those who have large windows. Roller blinds come in various sizes and so you don’t have to worry about its customisation. They are not only practical, but they also help in bringing all the components of the room together.

So, what do you think? What would you go for? The elegant ones or the low-maintenance ones?

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