Choosing the Perfect Blinds for School Projects

Choosing the Perfect Blinds for School Projects

When it comes to choosing blinds for schools, there are three factors that you should take seriously:

  1. children’s’ Safety
  2. Durability
  3. Light control.

However, today, we won’t be looking at just these factors. Instead, our focus will be on the types of blinds that meet these criteria so you can quickly narrow down on the most suitable one for your school or project.

Roller Blinds

From our experience serving commercial clients, including schools (nurseries, elementary, colleges, and universities), roller blinds have always been our top recommendations to contractors and project coordinators handling school-related projects. This is because roller blinds meet the three factors we highlighted earlier.

First of all, this type of blinds is safe due to the fact that it has the least moving parts when compared to the other types of blinds. They come in a range of options, from the fully motorized ones to the spring assisted and chain operated options.

Secondly, roller blinds are durable because they are built to last long even when exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. All our roller blinds are treated to resist UV rays and comes in a wide range of colors and operating options.

Lastly, roller blinds provide privacy and light control without taking any of your sill space.

Vertical & Venetian Blinds

If light control is on the top of your list when choosing blinds for your school project, then, vertical and Venetian blinds may be your best option.

With vertical blinds, you can move the whole blind completely out of the way or tilt it to control the amount of light entering the room.

Similarly, Venetian blinds can be raised or tilted to any position using cords and control wands. This is particularly good for a university environment but for nurseries and elementary schools, the electric blinds are safer and we always advise clients handling school projects to go for those options.

PVC Blinds

PVC blinds are extremely practical options when you need blinds an area that is constantly exposed to splashes of water. This is because they are moisture resistant and waterproof. In addition, PVC blinds are flame retardant. So PVC blinds are an all-in-one package but roller blinds are still better for classrooms are offices.

Other Features To Watch Out For When Choosing Blinds For Schools

Flame Retardancy

Whether you are choosing roller blinds or you prefer Venetian and vertical blinds, flame retardancy is a very important feature when choosing blinds for schools. So make sure you ask about this feature from your supplier.

This feature does not affect the appearance of the blinds because the flame-retardant finish is applied to the fabric during manufacturing.

At Easy Blinds, we have a wide variety of flame retardant blinds that are suitable for schools and commercial projects.

Solar Control

If you have a classroom facing the sun, you will notice that there is a limited amount of visible sunlight entering the room. Blinds with solar control fabrics will help increase the percentage of sun reflection and this can be necessary for reducing glare on whiteboards and screens.

Looking to select the perfect blinds for a school project, Easy blinds has a wide variety of school-friendly blinds and our experts will help you with everything, from measurement to speedy delivery.