Blinds For Your Home Nursery – The Dos and Donts

Blinds For Your Home Nursery – The Dos and Donts

Each room in your home has its own purpose, which calls for a particular ambience you wish to set for it. Choosing different window blinds for each of your room can easily put some style into your rooms. However, when you are choosing blinds for your home nursery or your kid’s rooms, you need to take care of some special requirements.

When choosing the perfect window blinds for your home nursery, you bring colours, style and functionality together for your window blinds. So here is a list of things which help you find tailored blinds for your kids’ room –

Decor with a personal touch

Children’s room must be a fun and lively place. It should be bright with a pop of colours as well as soft contoured to encourage your child for a shut eye in a warm and safe environment. When you consider getting blinds for your kid’s room/ nursery, choose roman or roller blinds as they can be easily decorated according to the interior of the room.

Soft patterned blinds are a good choice for kids’ room, which blends well with the personalization you have chosen for the room. For instance, if your kid is a big fan of the movie frozen and has the room decorated to in the movie’s theme, choose a light blue shaded blind with white snowflake patterns for the room, that matches the surroundings perfectly.

You can also ask for your kid’s opinion and get him or her involved in the process of choosing a window blind for their room.

You can also try sticking easy-to-remove decals on plain roller blinds to give more personalization to the blinds. These can also be removed easily without damaging your blinds in case you plan for a redecoration. Remember that the child spends a lot of time in the comfort of the bedroom and hence it should be decorated with positive colours and must have a happy vibe.

Blackout blinds

Babies and smaller kids need a lot of sleep and rest during the mornings. Hence Blackout blinds are essential for your nursery. Blocking out the sunlight when it is not needed helps your child to fall asleep easily and allow you to set a sleeping pattern for them, especially afternoon naps for toddlers.

Safety Concerns

When choosing blinds for your kids’ room, ensure their safety by avoiding blinds with hanging cords. A hanging cord can be dangerous if your child is to grab hold of them. Children are quite curious and might try something they deem fun like swinging on the window blind chord getting themselves tangled in it or worse, get strangled.

Opt for newer models of blinds like the remote-controlled ones to eliminate the need for cords. Most of the window blinds meant for nurseries and kids’rooms have safety features like breakaway cord connectors or breakaway clips that detach under pressure, ensuring that your child is indeed safe at all times.

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